IS conflict: US sends Marines to support Raqqa assault


The US has sent 400 additional troops to Syria to support an allied local force aiming to capture the so-called Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa.

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Attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions faces Senate vote


The US Senate Judiciary Committee is to vote on President Donald Trump’s choice for attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

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Israel-Palestinian conflict: France holds world summit


A major international conference to try to kick-start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians is under way in the French capital, Paris.

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Afghanistan Kabul mosque suicide attack kills dozens


A suicide bomber has killed at least 27 people at a Shia Muslim mosque in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

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Hurricane Matthew: Matt Drudge conspiracy comments kick up storm


that the warnings over Hurricane Matthew are a government conspiracy to make “an exaggerated point on climate” change.

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Florida sinkhole causes huge waste water leak into aquifer


About 980 million litres of contaminated water have leaked into Florida’s main underground source of drinking water, state officials say.

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Hinkley Point: UK approves nuclear plant deal


The government has given the go ahead for a new £18bn nuclear power station in the UK after imposing “significant new safeguards” to protect national security.

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Russian hackers leak Simone Biles and Serena Williams files


The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) has condemned Russian hackers for leaking confidential medical files of US Olympic athletes.

Athletes affected include tennis players Venus and Serena Williams and gymnast Simone Biles.

A group calling itself “Fancy Bears” claimed responsibility for the hack of a Wada database.

Wada said in a statement that the cyber attacks were an attempt to undermine the global anti-doping system.

The hackers accessed records detailing “Therapeutic Use Exemptions”, which allows the use of banned substances due to athletes’ verified medical needs.

‘Compromising trust’ 

Russia’s track and field team were banned from the Rio Olympics over an alleged state-backed doping programme.

“Let it be known that these criminal acts are greatly compromising the effort by the global anti-doping community to re-establish trust in Russia,” Wada director-general Olivier Niggli said.

Fancy Bears pledged to release confidential records from other national Olympic teams.


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Paris climate deal: US and China announce ratification


The US and China – together responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions – have now both ratified the Paris global climate agreement.

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Landmark US commercial flight lands in Cuba


A US commercial flight has arrived in Cuba for the first time in more than half a century.

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Detecting bugs

Nowadays, when surveillance has become a common activity, it is very important to take counteraction which prevents being intercepted or recorded. Our experience and knowledge in performing such activities, allows us to detect ANY device used for surveillance.

Data recovery

Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science, which aims to provide digital evidence of the crimes or fraud. Data recovery is the key to explain many complex cases.

Civil cases

Legal proceedings often include civil cases, that is the matter of relations within civil, family, welfare and labor law, as well as matters related to social security and other matters, to which the provisions of the code of civil procedure applies by virtue of special laws.

Industrial espionage

The goal of any business entity is to maximize profits. Nowadays, with fierce battle for customers and staying on the market, being successful is only possible when we have information both about the potential of our competitors and their weaknesses.


Would you like to settle a matter in fast and fully secure manner? Our agency’s experts shall work with you to prepare a strategy for search activities and will take care of the finding of the person.

Special services

Forensic expert assessments in the field of tool marks identification, filming and photography services, fingerprint and audio forensic identification of a person, DNA diagnostics (determining paternity), genetic testing of evidence.

Tasks of a detective

  • collecting of information on unlawful use of trademarks and trade names, unfair competition, and disclosing a trade secret
  • search for lost or stolen items
  • the search for missing persons or fugitives
  • gathering information on the ability to pay
  • detection of perpetrators of theft in the workplace
  • establishing circumstances of offenses.


Detective job combines the skills from a number of different areas. Any professional detective should be able to perceive, associate, analyze, hypothesize, have diplomatic approach, reaching out to places of information. It is a profession which requires a great deal of mobility and the detective office is only a secondary place to work.

The range of detective services depends on the needs of the client. The costs of each order is negotiated with the client and depend on the details of a specific case.

Our detective agency based in Kielce operates on the basis of the authorization to carry out business activity in the field of detective services - No. D-050/2003.