Civil cases

Legal proceedings often include civil cases, that is the matter of relations within civil, family, welfare and labor law, as well as matters related to social security and other matters, to which the provisions of the code of civil procedure applies by virtue of special laws.

We are offering the following services in the matter of civil cases:

  • collecting evidence for the alimony and care cases
  • assistance, counseling and legal consultations
  • documentation of mobbing cases
  • observation of people and places
  • verification of person’s reliability
  • searching for hidden assets
  • detecting the blackmailers
  • environmental inspections
  • searching for fugitives

We also collect evidence for the need for ongoing divorce case by:

  • You shall receive a complete report with photographic documentation and video records based on our investigational activities
  • establishing social and work contacts of a person under observation
  • Our specialists are carrying their tasks with the utmost discretion.
  • identifying and controlling place of residence
  • determining the daily routine of a person


Entrust your affairs to DISCREET people !!!

Tasks of a detective

  • collecting of information on unlawful use of trademarks and trade names, unfair competition, and disclosing a trade secret
  • search for lost or stolen items
  • the search for missing persons or fugitives
  • gathering information on the ability to pay
  • detection of perpetrators of theft in the workplace
  • establishing circumstances of offenses.


Detective job combines the skills from a number of different areas. Any professional detective should be able to perceive, associate, analyze, hypothesize, have diplomatic approach, reaching out to places of information. It is a profession which requires a great deal of mobility and the detective office is only a secondary place to work.

The range of detective services depends on the needs of the client. The costs of each order is negotiated with the client and depend on the details of a specific case.

Our detective agency based in Kielce operates on the basis of the authorization to carry out business activity in the field of detective services - No. D-050/2003.